To make honest and captivating videos of wonderful songs that reach millions


The discovery, practice and performance of song enriches understanding of emotion, relationships and all human interaction for performer and audience. I share artistic videos of songs and stories that are relevant, beautiful and fascinating in today's modern world. I am an ambassador for contemporary song performance.


For good or bad, in today's world, people crave knowledge, facts, funny stories and harrowing tales, often through videos… and YouTube is the BIGGEST Platform. Unlike the usual video channels, Artsongstory does not aim to make 'viral videos' or achieve millions of 'likes.' It uses YouTube as a platform to showcase videos of music it really believes in. Time, thought and effort went into the creation of each one with a focus on genuine and honest human stories. We're fighting the war of viral-video-bullets with large canon ball-bouquets of beautiful sound, colour and stories.


Indian-Scottish Neil Balfour, is the creator and director of ArtSongStory. He is the first opera singer to be booked by the Glastonbury Festival as an artist “I cannot believe how powerful his voice is. I have never seen opera like he does it” - Haggis McLeod, head-programmer. He is the first performer to beatbox in an opera at Longborough Festival Opera and has premiered the roles of Nikolaus’ Father in Mysterious 44 (the first electronic opera) and La-La (role sponsored by the opera awards) in A Shoe Full of Stars (YAM Awards Best Opera 2018).